Social Services

Each resident admitted is assigned to a specific social worker. It is the social worker’s responsibility to assist both the resident and family members with the adjustment process and to provide necessary information about the facility.
During a resident’s entire stay at manhattanville rehabilitation & health care Center, the social worker remains in close contact with that resident, monitoring his/her psychosocial status and providing assistance as needed. Your social worker is also responsible for coordinating the discharge planning process, for following up with our former residents’ family members after discharge and provide additional assistance or referrals as needed. Since it is our goal to discharge residents to a lower level of care whenever possible, discharge planning begins at admission. Our social worker will help you obtain necessary services for a safe and effective discharge, such as home care, meals-on-wheels, visiting nurse visits, social work services, and physical therapy as well as any necessary equipment. The social worker will also coordinate the education process necessary for a safe discharge, ensuring that you and your loved one are educated regarding safe conduct and lifestyle.

Therapeutic Recreation

There is a library on the main floor in the recreation area. The recreation department can arrange for daily newspapers to be delivered to those residents who request and pay for this service. Each of our residents is assigned to a recreation therapist who gets to know the resident and assesses their recreational needs and interests. The recreation department posts the weekly schedule of activities on each floor and announces each activity over the public address system. Residents are actively recruited by recreation staff members. At Manhattanville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, we have a large and very active volunteer program. Volunteers assist during recreation activities and also visit residents one-on-one.
Our recreation program, with its staff of recreation therapists and volunteers, offers the widest possible range of activities for our residents. These activities are carefully designed for all levels of physical and mental functioning. There are activities geared to special interest groups such as the opera club, arts and crafts, current events, cooking club, evening parties and the Spanish club, to name just a few. To meet our residents’ spiritual needs, we have religious services and bible study classes held on the premises.

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